One of our staple services is to create informative and well designed websites based from a client’s specification. With the site for abercorn we have made a site based on PDF designs supplied to us. The site is now live and working well. So what tech did we use and what lessons learnt are there?

Tech Stack

The site was developed using the well known and oft-used WordPress platform. Rather than using an existing theme, we decided to use the excellent sage framework to develop a custom theme. This meant that we could define everything about how the site should work and not have to worry about the overheads of writing the theme from scratch.

There were not many plugins that we needed for this site and in the end we stuck to just the following:

  • Advanced Custom Fields: a must for almost any site. This allows us to define custom fields in the WordPress dashboard for each page and makes customising really easy.
  • Cookie Notice: a quick way to add the cookie notice on the site. Adds in the functionality to dismiss and is really lightweight.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics: Necessary to add SVG images to the site. We use these to make sure the site scales to large and small monitors seemlessly.
  • Smart Slider 3: In our opinion this is a great and really feature rich plugin for handling sliders throughout the site.

Lessons Learnt

This site was not a complicated site but it was our first time using the sage framework and it is certainly something we would do in future. We would also advise for the site owners that want more control over their site’s design, sage is the root you want to take.

Another thing which we would advise from this process and is more of a lesson confirmed than a lesson learnt, is to make sure that you have as much of the specifications before starting work, but be open change. This was a great site to work on because the collaboration allowed us to follow these simple rules.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to know more about our web design.

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