We have recently released a web application for a great local company Turfplus Ltd. 

The application is a database software for the day to day running of the company. It helps to manage the customers, visits and the companies that they deal with each day. Although it is released and in great use it has some large room for growth and so has had to be designed to be future proof.

One of the big requirements was that it could be used “on the go” by the staff. Therefore the application is designed using mobile first design principles. It is also relatively light weight in order to allow for slower internet connections.

The techy bits

The site is designed using Django. In actual fact it uses almost completely the excellent admin section of Django as there is no customer facing part of the site. To get the responsiveness of the site we have customised a bootstrap theme for the site.

The site is also hosted using Heroku, with uploaded files and images stored in Amazon’s S3 server. The site also uses codeship to integrate automatically from the central git repo. This means that a developer can push to master and see his code live as long as the build didn’t fail.

The development environment uses virtualenv to make sure the environment and dependencies are easily transferred.

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